The Lucky Wheel

by Jasmin Holding, an IT company
powering some of the world's
most visited websites

20-22 November 2020

€ 30.000 for the winning game!

The Winners

1st place

Emotional Snake

A 3D snake game written in threejs, which uses Tensorflow (ML) to control the snake with head movements. Move your head left and right to control the snake and open your mouth to make the snake slower! All magic is rendered on the screen using Canvas API.

2nd place

The Space Voyage: Journey Beyond

You wake up in from cryo sleep to the sound of klaxons blaring and alarm lights flashing. You need to fix the ship before you run out of oxygen.... "The Space Voyage: Journey Beoynd" is a puzzle game utilizing various browser API:s including ReadableStream, PageVisibility and Web Audio.

3rd place

Not Activity

Not Activity - Your favorite game, now in lockdown mode! We expect a long and sad winter, with few chances to meet friends and hang out in real life. Therefore, we decided to “digitalise” one of our favorite group games: Activity!

What makes The Lucky Wheel online hackathon special?

The Lucky Wheel senior hack is an online hackathon for mobile frontend experts and browser API wizards!
There are only 3 rules:

  • Spin the Lucky Wheel to get 3 random browser APIs listed on the wheel
  • You need to build a web based game including all 3 APIs
  • The game can be any kind, but it must work on mobile browser or as a PWA

Be creative, and provide some fun for the user!

Create your team or join alone, it’s all up to you!

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Requirements for application

Anyone can apply, but we highly recommend to have advanced skills in mobile web frontend development to succeed.
Pre-selection may apply few days prior to the hackathon.

What is a hackathon?

A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to real-life challenges in an intense period of time. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the week results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovation.


The top 3 teams with the most credits will be awarded according to the following:

  • 1st place: € 30.000
  • 2nd: € 15.000
  • 3rd: € 5.000


  1. Registration period: 21st October - 19th November
  2. Opening ceremony: 20th November 4.00PM
  3. Hackathon: 20th - 22nd November

    During the event: several mentoring and Q&A sessions

    • Submission deadline: 22nd November 12.00PM
    • Closing ceremony: 22nd November 5.00PM

Do you want to participate?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to real-life challenges in an intense period of time. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the week results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovation.

What is the Lucky Wheel online hackathon about?

This is a unique online competition where the participants combine randomly selected APIs from the below list to create an entertaining game.

  • Canvas API
  • Clipboard API
  • DeviceOrientationEvent
  • File System API
  • Geolocation API
  • Image Capture API
  • IndexedDB
  • Intersection Observer
  • Navigator.share()
  • Page Visibility API
  • Performance API
  • ReadableStream
  • Resize Observer API
  • Service Workers API
  • Web Animations
  • Web Audio API
  • Web Speech API
  • Web Storage API
  • Web Workers API
  • WebRTC
  • WebSockets API

Joker (you can freely select one from the listed Browser APIs)

You must write your application using ES2020. You may do it in typescript or use flow if you wish.

Where is the Lucky Wheel Hackathon organized?

The event is held 100% online. We use open Slack workspace as the main platform for communication and Junction App for the hackathon submissions.

Who owns the intellectual property of the hackathon projects?

The intellectual property of the solutions belongs to the teams. In case of interest by Jasmin IP, the company will offer to purchase the rights after the competition by separate arrangement.

What are the evaluation criterias?

The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criterias:

  • Technology (max 50 credits)
  • Usability, attractiveness (max 30 credits)
  • Entertainment, fun level (max 20 credits)
  • Additional credits - using any additional Browser API from the list will add +5 credits to the total points

Is participation free of charge?

Yes, the hackathon is free to enter.

Can I participate alone?

Yes, but we can also assign you to a team if you wish so. Teams of 2-5 can register together.

How do I register a team?

All registration related things happen on the Junction App.

  1. When registering on the Junction App, choose Yes when asked if you’re applying as a team.
  2. Click the ☰ icon in the top left corner of the page and go to Team page.
  3. If you’re the team lead, click Create a new team. Otherwise go to step 5.
  4. The platform now generates you a unique team code. Send this team code to your team members.
  5. If you’re a member of a team, ask your team lead for the team code. Go to the same Team page and insert the team code to Join an existing team. If you haven’t received a code from your team lead, ask the team lead to follow these instructions.
Link sharing is not possible through the Junction App, so please share the team code between all team members for example by email.

What are the requirements for submitting a solution?

The team must apply all 3 Browser APIs in the project, and all 3 APIs must have a relevant role in the gameplay. You may use any other API as well.

When submitting your project please provide a link to the project's github repository (public or private), source code to be easily read, understood with a quick that includes:

  • a 2 mins video explaining the game and the technical details of it's internals
  • information on how to build and run the project
  • a working link to the game's mobile website with notes on how to try the game on a mobile device
  • any restrictions on the mobile device we need to use to try the game

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